Friday, February 27, 2015

Second 2015 Fish Fry at St Jerome, Walbridge, Ohio

There was talk that basketball and/or volleyball tournaments with below zero weather would keep the good folks away. But fear not, for we asked and they have come. I love Mathew 7:7 "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." For it's right up there with that universal answer, which is "Yes". But you got to ask. How many go through life never asking, never knocking, then finding it's too late, that life as we know it is over. So ask for that meal, ask for that picture, ask for the love one to hold you, for they will. Remember, those doors open wide, that job or love of your life will say yes, but you got to ask. Oh, if it's no, I found out that asking again with a please will work, but worse case then ask someone else. There are many someone elses. Them doors do open, and open very wide. Here are my teasers, I'm up loading 97 pics to Walgreens. 

To see some 2nd FF St Jerome's pic, but not all, then go to the Walgreen's Photo site via this link. 

Memory and size is limited at Walgreens, but never to you, so ask, if you want to see or do more, and ask those who matter if you want those doors to open such that dreams to become goals which become your reality. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

2015 Cheer for the Cure, Genoa, Ohio

Let us thank Maria Maluchnik, her friends and family, for this event.  Most all let's thank your Mom and Dad for making you what you are, a motivated individual with a can do jumping attitude. You need to print some for mom, dad, and grandma. My hard drive crashed this year while Walgreens limited my memory space. So it's best to print some today, for tomorrow me and Walgreens will be gone. Note; e-images will be gone after you drop that device, it breaks or is stolen. Backups, did you?

If you want the original pic, then ask, universal answer is yes, but you got to ask with a please. Remember to look at my index of previous post, you or or loved one may have been captured in the past.  If you missed me on this event, then bring your friends and family to the St Jerome's Friday Fish Fry till April 3rd, e.g., Good Friday for a free printed pic, only six Fridays left, (I pay) and a great meal (you pay). If you want a team pic, get the ok from those above you, see rules page, and call me.

Hope to see you all soon, Don't be shy to ask me for that special pic, see rules. It's hard to be immortal, but one can try. Love ya, SgtPete

Here are my teasers:

Well another Cheer for the Cure is done. I await 2016. Time is not on my side. Youth can't wait for that clock to go, old guys can't believe it goes so fast. So print some today. But better yet love them up everyday and every way. Ya, it may be hard to say I love you, but you must, for they might not know, or worse may have forgotten. 

Please note that these updated pics are reduced from 12M to 2M pixels size. If your printing a large print or need the original file for that yearbook or wall print, then just send me an e-mail. Also these pics may not be here in a year  related to Walgreens' memory rules. See my rules. 

Click this link to see reduced pics of the 2015 Cheer for the Cure at Genoa, Ohio. 

Below are links of those Cheers who led the way. 

2014 Cheer for the Cure, Genoa, Ohio, February 15, 2014

2013 Cheer for a Cure at Genoa High School, Feb. 16, 2013

Cheer for a Cure, Genoa, Ohio, Feb. 18, 2012

Cheer for a Cure at Genoa High School, February 19, 2011