Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Alisha Noon Graduation Party, Bowling Green, Ohio

After graduation comes ones future. It is a wonderful feeling, something one experience once or twice. I love the young, for they truly are optimistic, have faith in themselves as well as God, can persevere beyond human endeavors, heal well when injured, bounces back better with every set pack. A life can wears these characteristic down, so I love graduates. For they renew the old with hope, love and faith.

Congratulations Alesha, hope and pray your dreams come true. It is better to write your dreams down on paper, for written dreams then become goals with detailed actions plans. This works for me and can for you. Write them down today, keep them secret, revise them, read them over, make plans every day and see how great it works. 

Here are my teaser, all are uploaded at Walgreens Photo site, follow link to Walgreens, log on or registar.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Last Mass at St Jerome's Revison 02

Been working, so little or no time for photo blogging. My subjects are complaining, yey it's my fault, my responsiablity. Want to do this and do that. But work takes a toll on time. Here are pics of the last Mass prior to demolision. I printed a buch, see Brett in the revised church office. Currently 5 events behind.

Please let others know I have posted these and that some may find printed copies at the temp office in school building.
Click this link to see Walgreen pics of the last Mass Rev 01 at St. Jerome's Parish.