Friday, December 25, 2015

My Concord Care Family

Finally got some pic of Edi and her family. It took awhile, but who knew she only lived off the trail on my way to work. Maybe I'll stop buy again. Took some other CCC folks, but I am not allowed to take and publish residents. Here are some teasers, all are being uploaded to Walgreens.

Click this link to see more CCCT Folk pics at the Walgreens Photo Site.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sanoj's B-day Party in Toledo, OH

Sorry so late, it's the price one pays when there is no price. Sanoj, Desiree, and Yolanda, along with their good friends all had a great time. There was face painting and a balloon guy. I ate some good food and saw many present. Sanoj is lucky to have so many who love her. 

So here are my teasers. All can be seen at the Walgreens photo site. Will prints some when the next Walgreen sale comes buy.

To see all pics taken at Sanoj's B-day party in Toledo, Ohio, then click this link. To see these pics, then sign into Walgreens Photo site or register with a valid e-mail address. Will print some for Yolanda and Joyce soon. I have a 5x7 print of Sanoj and Desiree in my car, so if you close to me, then come and get it.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's Lidia and Livia's Baptism

I received an email from Lisa about the loves of her life, her twin grandchildren. Surly life does not get any better than this. Therefore, here are my teasers and that link to Walgreens below. I will print some at Walgreens today, 75 pics for 10 dollars. This is a true bargain for a lifetime of memories. So that time is short so hug them up today in every way.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Zoe time in Northwood Ohio.

Every summer Zoe comes to Ohio to see how grass grows and to learn more about her family. Family values are the most inportant because the teach one to respect others but mostly themselves. Zoe grows better every year, while that time thing goes bye. So here are pics taken this summer sorry for the delay. Work and life seems to get in the way.

Page still under development. Yep always under development.

Click this link to Walgreens to see more of Zoe's Pics.