Thursday, October 23, 2014

Delilah and Children

I finally was able to take pics of Delilah and her three great children. She lives in Holland and it took time to find her house. But God was with me and I arrived. Delilah is a great help at work and I know she will love these pics. It was a very quick shoot. Not quantity of pics here, but you can't argue with a quality of pure love.

Please forward URL, or my blog name to other family and friends. Time does go bye and memories are just that. So love them up today and every day.

You can see all pics take of Delilah and family at Walgreens Photo site, just click this link, you may need to register with a valid e-mail. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ronda and Her Girls

Ronda just became an RN, something which is very hard to achieve. I became an RN in 2008. This task challenged me many time. I am not the greatest student, but I persevere. So I know how hard it is to become a RN. So last week when Ronda said she passed the NCLEX, I literally jump for joy. For it was a joy for her, myself, and her family too. I too can relive my success in others for the happiness of others is wonderful, so it was like Christmas in October. I said to Ronda "let's go out to celebrate, dinner is on me." We didn't make dinner that evening, but I got some good pics. Will update later with more after we have the celebration.

Click this link to see all pics taken of Ronda's family and Friends in October 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Visit to Long Island in October

My sister and her husband scheduled a visit to see Mom in October. I was directed to attend, to be at my bother's home on Long Island. My Mom, a strong Sicilian woman may be small in size but large in heart. I do remembering how strong Mom was while she swung and stung my rear with a spatula. She raised three children, all have Master's degree being successful. Mom never graduated from college, but made us all believe we would go. I have never ever heard anything negative about Mon, always loved, never criticized. So here are some pics of my visit to Mom and some family and friends from passed visits.

Click this link to see all my family pics on LI in October 2014

Click this link to see more pics of Mom's family and Friends 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Troop 160 Meets to Honor Jacob Clark, a new Eagle Scout

In life there is that gold ring. That's something that takes time, effort, and work to achieve. It's a hard task, because it will require discipline, duty, and detachment.  I collect gold rings, it's one of my hobbies. Like running a marathon, getting a Masters, and becoming a RN. They all took hard work. Today Jacob Clark got a gold ring. Troop 160 honored him in reaching that Eagle Scout mark. 

It took 23 or more merit badges. Each merit badge is a check off on the way to Eagle. I'm not an Eagle Scout, but wish I was. I also wish I was a Marine, but the boat has sailed. Eagle Scout Jacob is in good company, for he has entered the realm of the ultra successful, just click here.  I challenge all of those scouts in Troop 160 and others to become an Eagle Scout. 

Become an Eagle Scout, grab that gold ring, become part of those who claims excellence. That road is so much different. How do you do this? Well, obtain written goals with detail action plans. (Are not these written down already for you, how hard is to read them?) Just start doing, planning, and obtaining those merit badges. Written goals in your own handwriting with detail action plans always become a reality. It's faster than you think, if you don't believe me, then just ask Jacob. Oh ya, what will be Jacob's next gold ring to grab. Better hurry for our  time is short. 

Sorry I rant here, but I am trying to get some of you to lose suction from that couch. 

Here my teasers:

Well, that's it. Call me for that next Eagle Scout presentation. If able I will do it again. It's great being a Boy Scout, but it's even a greater watching boys become men who persevere with integrity, and attitude.  Please forward this link to others, especially the military. Don't forget to check out my rates for that next clan meeting. Sorry post is late, Wallgreens site down, also I am now PIA Peterson, who has a whole new memory. Print some today, or wait for the 50% off sale. Need a valid e-mail to sign in. 

Click this link to see all pics taken of Troop 160 and family on Sept 22, 2014 in Millbury, OH.