Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's Lidia and Livia's Baptism

I received an email from Lisa about the loves of her life, her twin grandchildren. Surly life does not get any better than this. Therefore, here are my teasers and that link to Walgreens below. I will print some at Walgreens today, 75 pics for 10 dollars. This is a true bargain for a lifetime of memories. So that time is short so hug them up today in every way.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Zoe time in Northwood Ohio.

Every summer Zoe comes to Ohio to see how grass grows and to learn more about her family. Family values are the most inportant because the teach one to respect others but mostly themselves. Zoe grows better every year, while that time thing goes bye. So here are pics taken this summer sorry for the delay. Work and life seems to get in the way.

Page still under development. Yep always under development.

Click this link to Walgreens to see more of Zoe's Pics.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Pat's Birthday Party, East Toledo, Ohio

On Friday, Marquette asked if I could take some pics of her Mother's birthday party? That universal answer is always yes, not because God arranged Pat's B-day party on my day off but because Marquette asked. Ask and you shall receive is from the bible. Many believe that you got to ask God, that's ok, but I found out it is better to just ask others. Remember if you don't ask then that answer is no. So ask for that job, that kiss, that education, that help in obtaining your secret desired goal. If they say no, then just ask again, if still no, ask someone else.

The best part of your life is your family. Yep good or bad their always there. Family is most valuable, for they are always here for you. So just love them up every day in every way. All those B-day pics are uploaded at Walgreens so login and print some today. It's a cheap cost, but over time be the most valuable memories.

Here are my teasers.