Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cancer Connection and International Reading Association at the Pinnacle in Toledo, Ohio

The wife requested my presents at the Pinnacle. It was touch and go because I had a major repair to my transportation, but God was with me and I completed the task. I'm glad I came and took these pictures. To stop time and reflect on life and it's journey, never really knowing where one is going or how one will end up. It doesn't matter, for just love each day and each other, God will take care, he always does. Here are my teasers, all are uploaded to Walgreens, link at bottom.

Where's mom?

A good friend replied to my statement that no one can beat my price, which I still hark at some. He said "you can pay them." I'm too cheap to pay, but every artist must pay, for we all pay sooner or latter. I pay forward, for sure you can relive these memories later, rerun that good tape, for it's so much better to remember. Walgreens limits memory to their site, so after a year or so they too will be gone. Please print some today. You got to log on with valid e-mail. Forward URL to others who love you. Sooner better than later, 40% off today with web coupon. For today it's WHOLEORDER40. 12 cents/print, print a dozen, someone will love you for  it. 

Also call me for that group hug event, no one can beat my price.  

Click this link to see all pics at the Pinnacle in Toledo, Ohio 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday Night at the Mud Hens

We were celebrating, well I was celebrating more than others, and of course I got this camera and this blog page which hasn't been fed for a while.  So I do what I do and took pictures of friends and family, for they truly are the only thing we got. Love is funny, it comes in different flavors and colors, all are given to you by others. But the truly greatest characteristic of love is that multiplier, that the more you give, the more you get back. So last night I captured that love and here it is.

To see all pics taken at the Mud Hen's game, then click this link to Walgreens. One will need to log in with a valid e-mail address.

Please print some, because Walgreens space is limited, so in two years of so these will be deleted. But wait, If I'm still alive you can visit me to pull them off my computer, that is if I have a computer and if my Alzheimer hasn't kicked in. Love ya, so print some and forward link to those who do love you.