Friday, April 3, 2015

7th 2015 Fish Fry on Good Friday at St. Jerome, Walbridge, Ohio

This is the seventh Friday of Lent at the St. Jerome's Fish Fry. Today is Good Friday. Those pics left homeless are with Bret Huntebrinker, Parish Manager at He stated that they will be available starting the first week after Easter. I still need to add the 7th week printed pics to these. There yours for taking. 

If you see any photo of any one you know then take that photo to them. These pics need a good home, not a way station. If you see yourself in any posting and did not get the print, then Bret has it, but sometimes someone who loves you so has it. Never fear, all can be found at the Snapfish (2012) or Walgreen photo site. These sites are great for your viewing pleasure, e.g., it's free and to profit when you order prints. You must log in to these sites with a valid e-mail address. 

The links for all the fish fries are posted below so if you don't see yourself here, then click and look at those other postings. I do this for love of family, for they are truly our greatest blessing and strength. Please love them up everyday in every way.

Still working on this and the last three post, time dose fly buy...:)

Click this link to see 2014 Good Friday's Fish Fry at St Jerome's Parish in Walbridge, Ohio. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Sixth 2015 Fish Fry at St Jerome Parish in Walbridge, Ohio

Sorry so late with this. Work and Easter got in the way. But I did manage to print and post these on Good Friday. I remember I never made it to that salad bar because the folks kept that line long and I had to leave for work. Still got to post Good Friday's pics. 
Here are my teasers. 

Click on this link to see those pics printed at Walgreens of the Sixth 2015 Fish Fry.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Best Friends and Family of Jennifer Rippke of Swanton, Ohio

I was lucky to attend a benefit for Jennifer, she is battling cancer and her family and friends joined together to raise funds for the fight. Love can be found in different ways, but these folks truly love Jennifer, for they showed up and gave. Results are measured in dollars and I heard she did very well. We go through life with ups and downs, sometimes God really gives you some shit, but we need to persevere, to keep going, to never give in.

Sorry about being late, but work and Easter got in the way. Will print some for Jennifer and her family. Here are my teasers:

Click this link to see all pics taken at Jennifer's Battle Benefit in Swanton Ohio.