Sunday, July 27, 2014

Red Family Re-Union Part II

Sorry so late for this posting. Issue with camera operator. Seems I was on manual for some pics, hence some came out over exposed. Guilty here, me that is. Will need to redo some, so those who want this to be, then send me an e-mail. Then Walgreen Photo site refused to accept pics, something about exceeding memory. Woe is me, but luckily I'm not like Eeyore the donkey from Winnie the Pooh, who believes it to be futile to try. I am persistence and will try again. It's never too late to do it again. So call me. 

Here are some pics, today Walgreens is accepting my up loads. If there is a memory issue, uploads from 2012 and others are going away so better prints some today, for even me too will be going away. 

Call me for that redo, Red paid, and I must provide.

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Morris Famly Reunion on July 4th at Swan Creek Park, Toledo, Ohio

I'm always looking for a family shoot. Marveanna family was meeting, and I attempted to do the shoot. I work nights, so day light and awake time are a premium. I got some, but missed others. My dog should not be allowed to go with me, she was a distraction. Here are some teasers, all are located at the Walgreen's photo site. Your free to print some via their site, or upload these to face book.

May need to redo this because I arrived late, my dog ate my homework, while others left soon. So I request you call again at the next clan meet.  Have a great life, love each other each day for your time here is short and those who love you needs these memories. Print some from Walgreens today, because there 50% off, only for today. It's pretty cheap for some fine new memories soon to be those good old days. Forward my URL to others who did not get my card. Family is what matters, we need to enjoy them.

Click this link to see all Morris Pics taken at Swan Creek via the Walgreens' Photo Site. One needs to log in at Walgreens site with a valid e-mail address.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tim and Lixin Renewed Vows

Many search for happiness, but only some are lucky to find it, for it is life and a good life takes work. Tim and Lixin have found that good life together, and his Iowa family is glad. Tim married Lixin in Seattle, but brought her back to Iowa so his family could offer their love and congratulations, wishing them happiness. 

Here are my teasers, all can be seen at Walgreens via link below. If your in China or Iowa and want an original, send me an e-mail.

It was a busy weekend for me. I worked last night, resting now. But I do all again for family and friends with smile and love.  I hope I spelled Lixin name right, if someone knows the correct spelling, then let me know. 

Please forward this URL to all family and friends of Tim and Lixin. All pics are uploaded at the Walgreen Photo site, click the link below. Also remember you will need to sign or registrar with a valid e-mail. Print some today at your local Walgreens. 

Click this link to see all Pics of Tim and Lixin vow renewal in Des Moines, USA.